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Sunday, November 29

First Impression of the Health Care Bill.

Let me say one thing first. This bill is actually easy to navigate if you have a little computer knowledge and can search through the document. It’s in pdf format, which makes searching very easy. Click here for instructions.

On the flip side, the bill is not easy to read. It references other bills and subsections of other bills,acts and U.S. code. So deciphering the content is quite difficult.

Let’s move back to the goods. Ok, so this was the first thing that jumped out at me when I started through the table of contents of this bill. Section 103: Rescission Abuse, which I think rescission, means to make something void. So if we add the following exert of section 103, seen below.

Sec. 103. Ending health insurance rescission abuse.
RESCISSION.—A health insurance issuer may rescind individual health insurance coverage only upon clear and convincing evidence of fraud described in subsection (b)(2)

We can come to a conclusion that it may protect the consumer (The American People) from their insurance being dropped. The only way they can drop the consumer is if he/she commits some sort of fraud described in section (b) (2). So here is where things get screwy. Section (b) (2) is this:

Section 2742 of such Act (Section
16 2742 of such Act (42 U.S.C. 300gg–42)) Guaranteed renewability of individual health insurance coverage.

This is some type of U.S. code, which is way beyond my understanding of law.

In short it looks as if this section of the Bill is going to protect the American people from being dropped just because they have become a risk for the insurance issuer. More to come, stay tuned!


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