How To Get Involved.

There are only a few steps that you need to take to get involved in important topics like Abortion, Health Care, Federal Spending, and National Defense. The best and easiest way to do this to contact you congressman and the President. It is very important that they hear your voice. Click Here for a guide on how to contact your Representative.

Sunday, May 16

Obama Signs Bill to Block Congress from Getting a Raise

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Monday, February 22

Previewing the Health Care Summit

We’re now just three days away from the big bipartisan, live-on-the-TV health care summit that President Obama will hold next week with leaders from Congress. Here’s a quick update on where things stand.

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Tuesday, February 9

The 2011 Obama Budget

President Obama’s fiscal year 2011 budget request is now online for your review. Get it here. As I wrote earlier this morning, the total cost of the budget is $3.8 trillion, which is an approximately $250 billion increase over last year’s budget, but also an almost 50% decrease in the rate of spending growth last year’s budget contained.
The budget proposal, as we all know, calls for a three-year non-security discretionary spending freeze, which is estimated to save the government $250 billion over three years. The biggest increase in the budget is for funding for the ongoing wars, including Obama’s new Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy. In addition to a 3.4% increase in overall Defense spending, 2011 and 2012 would see nearly $160 billion in war funding, which is three times more than Obama predicted in last year’s budget and only slightly less than what President Bush’s final budget spent on the wars.

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Tuesday, January 19

New Massachusetts Senator could De-Rail Health Reform

A couple of weeks ago, President Obama appeared to be on the brink of achieving the Democratic dream of comprehensive health care reform.

Today that dream is at risk of being derailed in the most Democratic of states: Massachusetts.

Democrats are increasingly nervous over the once inconceivable prospect that they will lose Tuesday's special election to replace Sen. Ted Kennedy, who died last August. Losing the seat would strip Democrats of their 60-seat Senate majority and give Republicans enough votes to block the reform bill -- along with other key parts of the president's agenda.

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